Zelnik Péter Zénó fotós


For weddings, prices can vary on a wide scale depending on the venue, date and your claims. The basic service usually contains these features:

  • taking photos continuously from preparations until 1 A.M. (creative photos of the couple, ceremonies, group pictures, unique photo claims, cake, dances, party)
  • you get all the photos with basic retouch, the creative ones with a full retouch (for a full day shooting it means 500+ pics)
  • one creative photo with a funny or awesome photoshop trick
  • you get the best photos in black and white version too
  • you get the photos via a cloud
  • the photos will be uploaded to a unique online gallery for one month

Prices do not include my travel expenses, which only applies outside Budapest.

If you’d like to have an exclusive wedding photo book, I can help you with that too.

If you want engagement photo shoot, you will get the lowest price if you order it along with the wedding photography.

Event, family and portrait photography also includes the handover of all the photos with basic retouch and black and white version of the best ones. No hidden costs and complete discretion.