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Tips for weddings

I’m over a couple of weddings, and I’m happy to share with you my experiences and give you some tips, to help you organize your day closer to perfect.

  1. It is worth putting a 10-20 min break into the program right before sunset, to escape with the photographer and shoot some sunset photos.
  2. It’s extremely hard to shoot dancing people in mood lighting. Only a professional photographer with the proper equipment will be able to hand you enough good quality party photos.
  3. Don’t hire friends and relatives to be your wedding photographer. It makes it harder to aks for accountability and give orders. If it goes wrong it can cost you the good relationship.
  4. Look it up, maybe the photographer you’re about to hire worked for one of your friends before, and they can give you feedback about their impressions.
  5. Larger the staff (photographers, cameramen, drones, etc.) the more unwanted persons will appear in photographs and videos. More photographers does not mean better photos.
  6. Kindly ask your friends and relatives to take pictures and videos from far or from their seats. It’s not the best thing if they appear behind the greatest moments of your wedding. Take your time choosing your photographer but then trust him/her to deliver the photos you desire.
  7. Clear it up with your photographer how many photos he will hand over, and how many of them will be retouched and to what level. Is there extra cost for retouching? Who selects the photos? Etc. Prices can get out of control quickly.