Zelnik Péter Zénó fotós


Dear Peti! Thank you for your super pictures that made our wedding, everyone is like them! Thanks, Anikó&Péter


Hi Peti! We would like to thank the wonderful pictures you took at our wedding. I cannot choose which one is my favourite because each one was so good. Perfectly represents the atmosphere and then you can just watch them over again, again feel the happiness like that day. These are the photos, which I will boldly show off for years, and even my grandchildren are proud to watch how beautiful the pictures. Once again, thank you very much: Timi and Zoli


hi!!! I love your photos.They're all amazing.Congratulations 

Anıl Kaya


Hi Peti! they're great, the black and white and the one with the rickshaw 🙂 ...that's something 🙂 ...thank you so much!

You shoot superb pictues 🙂



Peti, I was looking at out photos and find that it's one thing we were dressed up nicely and I had makup, but to catch these beautiful moments and shoot such good pictures is your merit only. 🙂 I love our creative photos!!!!!!! Thanks again for these beauties. 🙂 Kati

Peti, this photobook is fantastic! The pics were great on the screen, but in the book... just breathtaking! 🙂 They will begood to look at later! Thanks for your work! Kati


Hello Péter! 

The photos are very good!

The photobook is just perfect.

Thank you very much.

Daniella and Ádám


Hi Peti!!

Thanks for being so fast! By the photos you sent the family's totally amazed. Everybody satisfied. 🙂



Hi Peti!

Thanks for sending the pictures so fast! They are gorgeous, we love them so much! The clouds are especially my favourites!



Hello Peti!

Thank you very much for the photos, they are really good :):) Both of us like them, the black and whites are admirable!!

Thank you again. See you soon!

have a nice day!



Hi! The photos are superb! Everybody loves them! Thx Dóra